• Solar Power

    • Grid Connected Solar Power Plants
    • Rooftop & Industrial Solar
  • Wind Power

    • Grid Connected Wind Power Farms

As we face environmental threats such as climate change and declining natural resources, it is not just desirable, but imperative, to be sustainable.

We work with government bodies and the private sector to leverage their sustainability as a market

Whether you are a developer, an agricultural or industrial land holder, or energy asset owner, we work to improve your environmental performance and reduce both operating risks and costs.

Successful project delivery depends on strict schedule oversight, tight scope management, effective project controls, and smart design options. We’re experienced at putting all the pieces together in the right sequence, combining them to maximize quality and reduce risks and life cycle costs.

At IceCube we have developed a model for speedy implementation of Solar and Wind projects and that is the reason IceCube has been a favorite EPC contractor for these sectors .