At IceCube, our Instrumentation & controls engineers have the experience and proficiency necessary to design smarter systems for nearly any industry and need. Be it Complex Instrumentation of Oil Wells or Mission Critical Controls of a Metro Railway System, we provide a wide variety of solutions. We understand your Business

While we take pride in our reputation for understanding control systems, we believe that getting to know each customer’s business model and facility operations is just as important. Our engineers work in collaboration with our customers to fully understand their needs and sensitivities in order to create a quality system that uniquely benefits them. At IceCube, we don’t specialize in generic solutions. We’re here to design and engineer world-class control systems that enhance plant operations for years to come.

Our core expertise is not limited to our understanding of the instrumentation that is necessary in sensing, measuring, weighing or manipulating your specific part or process. We partner with our customers’ engineering organizations to drive innovation in different phases of a product life cycle. This experience allows us to quickly comprehend your process and its variables and apply our knowledge to optimize the response of your plant to changing conditions.

  • PLC programming and SCADA design
  • Instrumentation Design
  • DCS Control System
  • Networking and Communication
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Technology Design Services